Sunday, September 6, 2009

TWO NEW DRESSES for Jasmine and Mariah

Jasmine and Mariah are my new friends! I made them each a blue dress to wear to school!

Can you imagine not having something new to wear?

There are over 90,000 homeless people sleeping on the streets in Los Angleles.

Many kids are lucky to be in sheltors instead of on the street!

Jasmine and Mariah are two little girls who could have been on the street but were lucky enough to get a spot at Los Angeles Family Housing .

Since I know how nice it is to have a new dress to wear, I decided to make them each a dress to wear on their first day of school.

I know I can't help every child feel better but this is something I COULD do !

I feel sad but to think some kids do not get new dresses to wear.

I wanted Jasmine and Mariah to have a new dress to wear on their first day of school.

So, VOILA ! I took some tops that do not fit me anymore and I "repurposed" them into a dress for each of them.

They look so cute in them ! Good thing they fit them perfectly!

Since they are supposed to wear blue to school, I used different blue fabrics.

While I was hanging out with them, I also learned that blue is Mariah's (the little sister) favorite color. I made her a picture with her name written in BLUE! And her big sister, Jasmine, loves purple and hearts!

Something we all take for granted! A new dress!

These two little girls, Jasmine and Mariah, do not. They were so appreciative. Even though they were a little bit shy, I knew from the look in they eyes that they were happy with their "new" dresses. I mean, they were ALREADY wearing their new dress!

Jasmine, the big sister, hugged me and said thank you !

It really is easy to make someone else feel good!

I hope they have a great first day of school !

ciao for now, I gotta go figure out what I am going to wear on MY first day of 5th grade!