Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Ride of "ew"

So while having the best time in my life at the Diane Von Furstenburg fashion show, my mom said we had to leave a little bit early to "beat the crowd" outside.

Of course I did not want to leave but I definitely was not going to stay alone so... I got up and walked outside with my mom to give the Valet our ticket.

Well my mom was most definitely NOT the first one to think of this. There was already a huge line outside. But my mom asked the people at the front of the line if we could "cut them in line" because I was tired and needed to get to bed.

Of course everyone was nice and said "NO Problem."

My mom even found her keychain and handed it to one of the guys and spoke spanish to him. I guess she told him to please hurry up! It looked like we were gonna get our car super fast.

WRONG! Now all of the "EW" began to happen. Be sure to sit tight in your seats.
First, the Valet men were all sweaty.
Next, OMG they were so unorganized, I cant even tell you.
Then, I hear people complainning "Valet, where is my car?"
Then, I hear people freaking out, "My car was towed."

I saw that NOBODY has left. There are more and more people outside.
My mom starts asking the Valet "Where is my car?"
It seems like a long time since we left the fashion show.

Then , a lady named Amanda was freaking out. "You need to figure this out. I have so many celebrities standing here. And you MUST get this lady and her daighter their car. They have been standing here for over an hour."

Crazy. The cars were not coming. The Valet LOST the cars. They did not know where they were parked. Keys were GONE. Some cars were TOWED. OMG! What if my mom's car was gone?

I wanted to call my papa and have him pick us up but my mom kept telling me not to worry.
I was just wanted to go home.
Then a super nice girl named Diliney, who were had met inside, offered to drive us around the neighborhood to find our car. My mom said ok and we got in her car and drove around for awhile - looking for our car. We even went to a parking lot that the valet said our car must be parked at. It was super far away. Our car was NOT there.

We drove back to the Valet and saw police cars.

The police men offered to drive us around to find our car. I felt so SCARED but my mom said we were "as safe as can be."

The "EW" got even "EWer".

I was sooo disgusted to get into the HARD SEATS!!!

Then I was even more disgusted to hear that I was sitting in a ROBBER seat!!!


MY mom wa sitting in the drunk seat and the policemen said they had just caught a drunk person last night who sat in that VERY SEAT.....

ok now i think i am scaring you ,well this will be a very good lesson. I have one last thing to say: