Friday, September 4, 2009

meeting, the day of...

My manager - she totally gets it ! Me and the concept! Not only is she talented but she is a total fashionista like me , so fab and gorgeous and very pregnant. Her name is Pilar. She is a very successful manager and she thinks I have something! And she is not my mom or dad! Can you believe it!
Well, Pilar is the one who is setting up these meetings for me. I guess she really believes in me . She drove to Beverly Hills to introduce us to some agents when it was 108 degrees outside. And she is almost 9 months pregnant. My mom says it takes a pregnant lady longer to cool down than someone like me! Her feet were very swolen but she had a smile on her face! As we got onto the elevator, to go up to the beautiful offices, Pilar told me to "hit it outta the park" when we met with these people.