Monday, September 21, 2009

EcoDiva of the week!

I am so happy that I am featured as an "EcoDiva of the Week" on !

Speaking of week, I had a very crazy week - school, the holiday, and sewing of course! So sorry but that is why I have been a little outta touch!

Today is the beginning of a new and exciting week as well. I get to go to a charity fashion show featuring Diane Von Furstenburg because I donated a dress. Hopefully someone will love it and buy it for lots of money so that I can be part of helping people not get cancer. (BTW I do know who is DVF ! I have even been to her store in Paris... and I have the collector's barbie of her - not that I have barbie's but that will be another story - another time.)

Back to "EcoDiva"... You must check it out! One of the creator's is actually a lady named, Taryn. She is super cool and actually is one of my "fashion" teachers. Although she is super busy with lots of different jobs, she makes time to help me learn lots of different things about fashion design - there is so much more to it than just sewing. One of the funnest things she taught me was to cut up fashion magazines and paste pictures on posterboards to create "story" and "color" boards. I love working with Taryn because she totally "gets me" and encourages me to "repurpose" and create whatever I feel like because no matter what, it will work!

I love the name "EcoDiva"

ciao for now!