Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today when I went shopping at the Americana I was planning on coming home with only one leopard pair of flats. Instead I came home with 4 pairs of all different colored shoes and not 1 was a leopard design.I told my mom i had to get more than 1 pair of shoes because what if the pair I get is totally not right for my AMAZING hand picked out outfit for THE BIG DAY!!!!! OO sorry totally getting into my excited mode.....You know that THE BIG DAY is my BIG MEETING with producers and agents for my collection!!!!!!! OMGGG I am sooooo excited and I will like totally tell you about how THE BIG DAY WENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOO SO SORRY dugh i was suppoes to say MY MEETINGGGGG!!!!! SO UNTIL TUES CHOWWW FOR NOWWW!!!