Friday, February 5, 2010


Where I am From…

by Cecilia

I am from the world of sewing back and forth,

the world of fabric making decisions, and

making masterpieces.

I am from the world of picking and choosing clothes.

I am from a jungle of hair sitting on my shoulders.

I am from a shoe box of new Prada stilettos, as my heels arch in happiness.

I am from pearls, clinging as I prance, from the smell of chic Paris, window shopping as

my Chanel coat wraps around my body.

I am from mascara, dancing up my eyelashes, looking around,

Chanel - my life, my inspiration.

My perfectly manicured nails cutting the fabric.

I am from a designer's point of view: sequin, leopard, and metallic.

But truly: My life, my everything is fashion.