Sunday, February 28, 2010


Guess what I did today?

I learned how to use a Serger!

Part of being sponsored by Singer is that they gave me one!
I know, I am so so so LUCKY ! 
I know most of you are wondering ...
first of all,  what is a Serger ?

It is an "overlock" sewing machine with five spools of thread! Yep! Five needles to thread! 

Basically, it is a super-uper cool sewing machine that will finish edges of fabric while cutting at the same time! I know: complicated but very cool!

and second of all, why on earth is that so exciting?

Well, a Serger is like a wizard! As soon as I know how to use it, ... OMG! Just wait!

Thank you Singer for helping me to learn more and more techniques! 

Thank you Janice! She was my teacher today  - super nice and cool!