Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mommyhype is calling me "eco fashionista extraordinaire"

November 16, 2009
Eco Fashionista Extraordinaire

This is an article Teri Levy, my tennis friend Jamie's mom, wrote. It was great to see that even my friends who I only see on the tennis court (in tennis clothes) like my stuff too! I mean we have a lot of fun playing tennis together but we don't get much time to talk fashion - if you know what I mean!

For the past year my eldest daughter Jamie has been playing tennis along side a girl who comes to the court with some serious fashion flair. Whether it is a big bright flower in the hair or some elaborate outfit, she gracefully dances across the court. Every week my daughter anticipates the outfit of the day. A week ago this ten year girl invited Jamie to her trunk show. So, last Saturday I piled my four daughters and a friend into the car and off we went. Meet Cecilia Cassini, a 10 year old Eco Fashion designer who aspires to be Coco Chanel. I was astonished by her creations and so where all the kids. At ten, she has the eye to selected interesting fabric combinations to create fashion forward pieces with some serious flair. With confidence she explained how she go started and with poise showed me her masterpieces. Yes, she calls them masterpieces because each piece is unique and one of a kind. All her creations are made from old clothes from hers, her grandmothers and moms closets. As I picked up a piece, Cecilia confidently told me a story relating to the garment, "ah, that was a Juicy Couture sweater that had a hole, so I decided to cut it up and create something". My daughters were in awe and inspired by Cecelia's ambition and courage to do what she loves: sew, save the planet by recycling old clothes and create. So, now we wait until our next meeting on the tennis courts to see her latest creation.

Just to give you a hint of what I happened to be wearing on the court on Tuesday (before I even saw this ) was a fabulous thick elastic, high wasted black full skirt with a simple black tank but of course... some fabulous magenta/sparkled leggings (from Tough Cookies, fyi) and my boring white addidas tennis shoes that I painted last year with scribbles and flowers to cheer them up! And as we all know, I never ever forget the head piece! This time a medium sized pink and black and gold ribbon bow headband... turned to the side of course!

make sure to check out because there are lots of great things to read about and to bake for the holidays ( i wanna make those pumpkin pie tarts) and of course to buy!!!!!!!
well ciao for now, xoxoxoox