Wednesday, November 18, 2009

fabric, new fabric omg!!!!!!!!

Did you know that my fabric and I whisper to eachother??????????
This old fabric (they are called remnants) was kinda dusty and at the bottom of a box but wow!
OMG !!!!!!!!!
vintage . gold. Georgio Armani fabric.
can you believe it? I am feeling his creations.
I am getting inspired.
wait ! : metalic . silk. metalic silk. how is that possible? is there anything better? LOVE IT !
I am soooooooooo excited to get working with this vintage fabric and piecing it with something fabulous to make .... wait. lemme hear you say it: ....
that's right: "A ONE-OF-A-KIND MASTERPIECE!"
oh! say it again, it sounds so good! A ONE-OF-A-KIND MASTERPIECE!"
well, i gotta go chat with my fabric...
ciao for now, xoxoxoxoxo Cecilia