Friday, December 11, 2009

TOKIDOKI !!! omg ! WOW!

What a night I had! I got invited to the Tokidoki party that launched the Karl Lagerfeld doll! It was so exciting for me...anything about Karl Lagarfeld is exciting for me! I love love LOVE Tokidoki because it is so artsy and I love the Japanese touch to it all! Then to top it off: A Karl Lagerfeld doll????? OMG... What could be more amazing. I mean, I am not really into dolls - except the Carolle baby dolls I collected as a little girl. But a Karl Lagerfeld doll is totally different! Karl is the fabulous man with the white ponytail who designs for Chanel! Yep. Chanel.... So when I got home from school and finished my homework, I had just a few minutes before tennis practice (which I had to go to before Tokidoki)..... and guess what? Well, my sewing machine was staring at me and I got inspired! I made this outfit to wear especially to Tokidoki! What do you think? I love it! So did everyone at the Tokidoki event! The night just got better and better! The owner of Tokidoki took me around and introduced me to everyone there! I met Simone, the Italiano artist of Tokidoki, so cool!!!!!!!!!! Then guess who? Nicky Hilton. She was super nice, she told me she "loved" my outfit! I have to say the best part of the night was "shopping" with Rudy and getting the very special and collectible special edition Karl Lagerfeld doll! I know! Can you believe it! It is now sitting on a very special shelf in my sewing room! I think I will forever be inspired! Thanks to everyone at Tokidoki for making me a very happy 10 year old fashion designer! xoxoxo ciao for now, Cecilia