Thursday, August 27, 2009

hitting it outta the park...

I totally thought I was "hitting it outta the park" when I walked into the meeting with a huge box of macaroons to share with the agents. After all, I am French and love to share the delicacies of Paris when I can. My papa set the long, rectangular box of delicious coffee, vanilla, cassis, and pistachio macaroons on the gigantic table. I have never seen such a huge table - except at my Grandma's for thanksgiving dinner- The difference is at my Grandma's house, everyone practically fights for the delicious food ... Here at the meeting, the agents did not really appreciate the macaroons! As I bit into my third macaroon, I realized I was the only one enjoying myself. Were these agents we were meeting with on a diet, I wondered????? Or was it that they only knew the Martha Stewart macaroons, baked from coconut, that are served during Passover? Oh well! More for me, I thought! Well, just as they did not get the macaroons, I did not get them.
The guy, the agent. wondered if we could make a reality show about my family.
After the meeting, as I stood in my fabulous dress and jack purcell's, I told Pilar: "This is about me! Not my family!" She said, "I wish you had said that to them in the meeting!"